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CMAT: “There are cowpeople all across the globe and they’re all beautiful!”

We catch-up with our fave Dublin cowgirl ahead of her performance at Deer Shed.

Nestled up in North Yorkshire, Deer Shed may lay claim to being the ultimate family festival - complete with arts and crafts workshops, spoken word performances and its very own book club - but it’s also got a stacked musical bill to get stuck into.

Alongside DIY favourites such as John Grant, Nadine Shah, Self Esteem, Dry Cleaning and Yard Act, everyone’s favourite Irish cowgirl CMAT will be bringing the party.

Ahead of her set, we found out what’s new in her world.

“There’s always a surprise coming!”

Hello CMAT! How are you?
I’m doing great thank you, I’m currently drinking natural wine at Roskilde Festival in Denmark. It really is the fruits of my labour.

Last time we saw you properly was over in SXSW - how have things been going since then?
Things have been great since SXSW, I went on my first headline UK tour which completely sold out! I’ve also been doing some festivals around Europe and I’m feeling fresh and excited for the rest of the year!

You released your debut earlier this year - what has the reaction been like?
The reaction to the record really surprised me if I’m honest. I started releasing music when I was stuck in my bedroom and I didn’t have a gauge of how things were going apart from tweets about the songs. I also didn’t know how it would feel hearing people actually singing the songs back to me in the room, that’s been a total mad one for me!

And now you’ve released a special deluxe version, ooh-er. Why should we be checking it out? Sell it to us!
It’s some new takes on some of the tracks from the record, we might start doing a few of those versions live so stay tuned!

You’re deep into your first full on festival season - how have you been finding the shows?
I think it’s been most surprising going outside of Ireland and the UK and meeting people who actually listen to my music. There are cowpeople all across the globe and they’re all beautiful!

You’re also going to be performing at Deer Shed - what advice would you give to punters heading there?
Pack a cowboy hat, some glitter and your best pre-mixed cans, Deer Shed’s gonna be a hoot!

Have you got any other sneaky plans up your sleeve for the rest of the year?
Anyone who knows me knows there’s not a sneaky bone in my body, or maybe they don’t know me well enough ;) keep up with my shenanigans on Instagram, there’s always a surprise coming!

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