Crawlers: “The fans have just been crazy in the best way”

With over 30 million streams and a host of sold out shows under their belt, things are only going to get bigger for Crawlers.

Robbie Williams, Blur, The Libertines, Girls Aloud; for all the British acts we’ve sent over to attempt to break America, there’s a sizeable list of massive names who’ve had to turn right back around and head home. Yet, for fast-rising quartet Crawlers, the trajectory towards becoming the toast of the Transatlantic town is already well underway. And while, sure, the band haven’t quite reached the pinnacle of American fame just yet, they may not be that far off.

When we speak to the Liverpool band, they’re parked up outside a McDonalds in the middle of the American midwest, en route to their next show in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s about halfway through their first ever US run, which is set to include a slew of sold out shows. “We’re in the middle of absolute buttfuck nowhere!” grins the band’s Holly Minto. “But we’re having loads of fun.”

It’s little wonder that their brand of confessional and raw pop-rock is catching on over on the other side of the Atlantic; they’ve already amassed almost 700,000 followers on TikTok, while their staggering viral track ‘Come Over (Again)’ has had a casual 32 million streams. For a band with just one EP and a handful of tracks to their name so far, it’s the stuff of dreams.

“The shows have been amazing. It’s been incredible to see fans across America knowing our lyrics and they’ve all just been so into it. It’s been bizarre,” Holly says of the reaction they’ve been met with so far. “The fans have just been crazy in the best way, so enthusiastic and so much fun.”

“It’s just been amazing to have this community and safe space for people to express themselves.”

— Holly Minto

While guitarist Amy Woodall and bassist Liv Kettle first played in bands together during their school days, it was when Holly and Liv met in college back in 2018 that the foundations for Crawlers were more formally laid. Then, having later recruited drummer Harry Breen - he actually reviewed one of the band’s early tracks for a local zine - their line-up was complete, with each bringing their own distinct set of influences and styles to the fore.

Since then, their powerful offerings have helped solidify their ever-growing fanbase, whether through the Britney Spears-inspired ‘Monroe’, that deals with the continued misogynistic attitudes of the entertainment industry, or ‘Statues’, written against the backdrop of Black Lives Matter. Most recent single ‘Fuck Me (I Don’t Know How To Say)’ is another intensely personal track for Holly, investigating her relationship with her own body, amid issues of consent.

“The lyrics are about all our experiences,” Holly nods. “I try to bring in elements from all of our worlds, and our four lives.” It’s this openness - also expressed vividly across the band’s social media channels - that’s seen them connect with so many people already. “It’s just been amazing to have this community and safe space for people to express themselves.”

What’s more, the pinch-me moments that Crawlers have experienced so far haven’t gone unnoticed. Mention their recent stint opening for My Chemical Romance in Warrington, and they appear visibly giddy (“Honest to god, it was unreal,” enthuses Liv), while Holly offers up another full circle moment to reflect on. “I actually recently logged back into my Snapchat account after three years or something, and I saw that I’d posted saying Crawlers had had 30,000 streams on Spotify. We now have 30 million streams…” If this is just the beginning, they’ll be reaching those dizzying heights in no time.

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