Album Review Maggie Rogers - Surrender

Somehow both modern and instilled in the past.

Maggie Rogers - Surrender

Despite her viral fame beginnings and leaving Pharrell speechless, the delicate majesty of Maggie Rogers is taking things slower than ever on latest album ‘Surrender’. Imbuing her typically layered, pensive pop with a darker, more insidious phenotype, Maggie succeeds in bringing a new life to noughties radio pop hysteria. Channeling her inner Natalie Imbruglia on ‘That’s Where I Am’, the blown out snares and hooky chorus are somehow both modern and instilled in the past. ‘Want Want’ is fizzing with taut energy, yet elsewhere ‘Horses’ and ‘Shatter’ show her daring capacity to push the ever-expanding boundaries of songwriter-led musicianship. With accompanying music videos using resurfaced early-aughts symbology from cult films 10 Things I Hate About You and Lost In Translation, ‘Surrender’ proves Maggie can use motifs from the past to build worlds and stimulate memories while always looking forward.


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